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Triamcinolone urethral stricture

A review of steroid management of urethral strictures is presented. The 96 patients were followed for a year or more after urethral injection with triamcinolone.
Internal urethrotomy and intraurethral submucosal injection of triamcinolone in short bulbar urethral strictures. Abstract OBJECTIVES: In clinical practice, internal.
In addition to stricture incision, multiple antifibrotic medications have been used Antifibrotic agents, including steroids (triamcinolone), mitomycin C (MMC), and.
A New Option in Treating Urethral Strictures

If any medication or intervention can delay wound contraction at this stage, the probability of recurrent stricture may decrease. Kamp S, Knoll T, Osman MM, Kohrmann KU, Michel MS, Alken P. However, dilation of the stricture may be difficult in patients with severe hypospadias that required wide dissection and excision of fibrotic tissue to repair a large deviation and also in patients who had previously multiple operations. Acellular matrix in urethral reconstruction. Various open surgical approaches have been previously prescribed triamcinolone urethral stricture as abdomino-perineal, perineal or transpubic.

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The results need to be further verified in a randomised control trial involving a larger cohort. CA supervised the writing of the manuscript and made critical revisions. In a large retrospective study by Gonzalgo et al. The short-term efficacy of dilatation therapy combined with steroid after internal urethrotomy in the management of urethral stenoses. Extensively revised and updated, Advanced Male Urethral and Genital Reconstructive Surgery, Second Edition guides urologists in a practical manner. Society of Urological Surgery Web Triamcinolone urethral stricture.

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